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URGENT – Equipment Failure!

A certain critical piece of equipment (the Dehumidifier) in the Candy Kitchen decided that right now is the perfect time to fail. We can’t afford to replace it right now, (replacement will cost us about $350), so we’re kinda stuck.

Without it, we can’t maintain the very low (40%) humidity required to make hard candies, Ting Tangs, etc. We can just manage Mallows, but even that process is slowed down greatly.

So keep in mind, that while we treasure your orders (even more so now), we CANNOT complete orders for any hard candies at this time, and for that we greatly apologize.

We are working on getting a replacement dehumidifier, and hope to be back up to full production Real Soon Now™.

Side note: If you happen to have a standalone dehumidifier capable of 165 cubic foot per minute airflow, give us a yell!