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“Kitchenaid Mixer Attachments Contain Lead!” No, they don’t.

Just a quick note here…

There’s a post going around on all the social media networks about “Kitchenaid Mixer attachments containing lead.” Well, since we use a Kitchenaid stand mixer, we’re very well aware of this post going around, as well as the truth behind it.

Simply put, it’s 100% bunk. There is no lead in Kitchenaid stand mixer attachments, there is no recall, and there is no class-action lawsuit.

The whole thing was started by a person we won’t name (they don’t deserve the free advertisement) who is trying to run another scam. They’ve been busted for this type of thing before, and this probably won’t be the last time.

As always, we value the safety of our customers, friends, and families, and would not allow any harmful equipment in the Candy Kitchen. That’s why we research everything so thoroughly. Next time you see something like the aforementioned post, try doing a little research into it before you hit that “share” button. It makes a world of difference.