Mallows: Freedom


The Fourth of July is commonly described as “American as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie.” The Fourth is the commemoration of the Declaration of Independence, back in 1776, or as most refer to it, the birthday of America.

To help celebrate this event, we have concocted a special candy just for the occasion: the Freedom Mallow.

We started with our light and fluffy Mallow base, and added ribbons of red and blue running through the white, to represent America’s flag.

For the flavor, we really struggled.
Several had suggested “make it taste like fireworks!” Which we can do, certainly, but while tasty, that could be dangerous, as well as messy. We aren’t sure anyone is ready for explosive Mallows, just yet (we’ll leave that to Mister Johnson and his lemons).
Others had asked if we could make them taste like a hot dog. Again, possible to do, but different people like to dress their hot dogs differently, and not everyone wants mustard and onion in a Mallow.

So we finally decided to make it taste like the classic representation of America: Mom’s Apple Pie.

Just like the fireworks that grace the sky on the Fourth of July, the Freedom Mallows won’t last very long (They’re available from June 12 until Midnight on the night July 4th), so be sure to grab a pack (or two!) quickly, before they fade away…

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One pack is approximately 20 – 25 pieces, and weigh at least 10 ounces. Available in any of our wonderful flavors, and they keep very well for up to 3 weeks with no preservatives (we’d be surprised if they last that long, though)!

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 1.5 in