February of 2019, Charles Winthrop was laid up in a wheelchair after an automobile accident. He was in pain, and emotionally in sorry shape. Couldn’t go out anywhere, couldn’t do the majority of the daily things he enjoyed doing, depressed, and was sorely missing the simple joy of life. So he went back to what he had done as an occasional hobby for many years: making candy. His friends have always told him “You should sell these! They’re fantastic!” So after much thought and research, he decided to do just that.

People eat candy because it makes them happy. We want to spread happiness and joy to everyone. So we are doing exactly that, one batch of candy at a time, hand-made with tender loving care, and the finest ingredients.

When you eat a piece of candy from Winthrop’s Whimsies, think about how you feel. No matter how bad your day is, we sincerely hope we have brought some small joy into your life. That is our one true goal.

Winthrop’s Whimsies is a “cottage industry” business. We are small (only 2 people) but we are fiercely dedicated. We don’t cut corners, and we NEVER put profit over the satisfaction of our customers.