Our candies are made to bring a simple moment of joy when you eat them. Simple ingredients, simply made, available when you need that moment of joy.

Of course, you may have questions, and that’s perfectly fine, we encourage you to ask questions! After all, that’s how you learn!

Here’s our “Frequently Asked Questions” which will hopefully answer your questions. If you still have questions, feel free to ask, and we’ll gladly answer!

How can I store my candy? Should I just put it in the fridge?No! Putting your candy from Winthrop’s Whimsies is almost as bad as storing it in your oven! The best way to keep your Whimsies fresh is to keep them in the original packaging, with the opening folded over (or tied), in a cool (but not cold!) dry place (cabinets are ideal for this).

Can you make me some candy with CBD oil, Kratom, [recreational substance of your choice] in it?

We get asked this almost daily. Our answer is fully outlined here.

If I order something today, why do I have to wait until Monday for you to ship it?

While we use simple ingredients, the actual process takes time. The Mallows alone take 3 days to turn out properly. Additionally, we don’t want to hand off your order to the Post Office (we ship everything First Class USPS as the most economical choice) just to have it sit there for 2-3 days over a weekend. By shipping everything on Monday, we ensure your package goes straight out that day, and you have your candies before the weekend!

Your ordering system is confusing! Why don’t you use [popular e-commerce system]?

We have tried several e-commerce systems, and none of them fit our production style. If you find our setup lacking, you can always call us at (859) 287-2853‬ to place an order directly with us. Our current system ensures that there are no mistakes in your order, as well as getting you the best price on shipping!

Do you have any vegan options for your marshmallows or gummies?

Actually, yes! We are working on full vegan alternatives for our Mallows and Gummies, and should have them available by December, 2019!

I’m allergic to [flavor]. Is your candy safe for me to eat?

The vast majority of our candies are made with real natural extracts. So if you have an allergy to something (for example, peanuts), PLEASE do not eat that flavor of our candies! We want you to be happy AND healthy, because nobody is happy during an allergic reaction! Also note, we clean our work surfaces and equipment frequently (we’re fanatic about keeping our work areas clean!), leaving virtually no chance of cross-contamination.

What is that “Queue” thing in the sidebar?

The Order Queue is a real-time chart showing which candy order we are currently working on, and what’s next. When we email you an order confirmation, it will have an Order Number attached. So you can see exactly how far along your candy is at any given time.

I just placed an order and it’s not showing up in the Queue. What gives?

Once you place your order we hand-check it, and calculate your shipping cost so you get the absolute best price. When we email you with the confirmation, your order will be added to our Queue and production of your candy will begin.