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Dear friends, customers, and fans…

We had hoped, at the start of this pandemic, to be able to reopen in a matter of weeks. Taking proper precautions (we always exceed health department regulations for sanitation and safe practices), we could be making the candies you love so much right now, even.

But we aren’t. We don’t want to risk the barest chance of even a single customer getting the slightest bit ill from our candies, even if it isn’t our direct fault.

Let’s run a hypothetical example:

We keep our kitchen absolutely spotless and clean, true. We practice safe handling of our candies every step of the way during production and packaging. But then, we hand our product off to be shipped to you. Say the person working the counter at the post office has a slight sniffle. Or the worker at the distribution hub isn’t even symptomatic but has the virus and is infecting everyone they come into contact with and handles your package. Or the person loading your package into your mail carrier’s truck sneezes while loading your package. Or your own mail carrier has a slight cough when they deliver your package.

Sure, that’s not our fault, but still it brings you in contact with the virus. We would still blame ourselves if a single one of our customers got sick. And that is a risk we just are not willing to take.

So until this pandemic is over, we will remain closed, no matter how long it takes.

Several states have begun mandating wearing a mask when you’re in public. Science has proven that cuts back the spread of the virus by 65%-95%. And yet some poor misguided idiots (who probably hate candy) refuse to do this one simple thing.

Don’t be an idiot. Wear a mask, and help us get back into production!

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