Soft Candies

Winthrop’s Whimsies Soft varieties are as follows:

  • Mallows – Our marshmallows are what launched the company, and remain our top seller. Mass-produced marshmallows are, to be quite honest, generic, bland, sugary cylinders that fill you up, but hardly satisfy. Our Mallows have a bit of a denser texture to give you a fulfilling “mouth feel,” and come in vibrant flavors that tickle your palate every time. One taste and you’ll see why!
  • Caramels – Store bought caramels usually come in two varieties: rock hard squares you can almost chip a tooth on, or so gooey they barely hold their shape after you unwrap them. Either way, it’s almost guaranteed the only flavor you get out of them is “nearly burnt sugar.” Our Caramels are made with real cream, butter, and large amounts of care. You’ll never get a “burnt sugar” taste from a Winthrop’s Whimsies Caramel!
  • Gummies – Coming Soon!