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New Candy? Input needed!

We’re always refining our current recipes and flavors to make certain we give you the greatest joy from all our candies, as well as researching new candies.

That’s where you come in. We have several new items in the pipeline, and while we’ll eventually get to them all, we want to know…

What type of candy should we focus on developing next?

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Official statement from Winthrop’s Whimsies concerning Pride month

We created this company to bring joy into the world through our candies. Nothing more, nothing less. And so far, we like to think we have done that, and will continue doing so as long as we are able.

We fully and unabashedly support Pride month, and the entire LGBTQIA community. But you won’t see us changing our logo, or holding any “Pride Blowout sales,” or sticking little rainbow flags on everything. Because we don’t pander with pretty signs and words. We prefer letting our actions speak louder than our words. Not just during Pride month, but ALL the time.

For those of you who are reading this and thinking “Well, I’ll never buy from them since they support (Pride month/gays/lesbians/trans/non-binary/whatever),” that is entirely your choice, and we will not miss your lack of patronage.

No matter your age, skin color, where you live, or what you do, you deserve joy, equally and unreservedly. Who you love doesn’t matter to us.

What matters to us is that you bring joy to those you love, and that they bring joy to you too. And if we can help you do that, then we are happy to help any way we can.

So, with all sincerity and love, from everyone at Winthrop’s Whimsies, have a happy and joyful Pride!

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Ice Storm has EVERYTHING Frozen!

Greetings Candy Lovers!

We’re staying indoors, nice and toasty warm during this ice storm, and hope that you are too!

To ensure safety, we are officially CLOSED this week (and maybe next week too) until the weather turns warmer.

Yes, we have selected the winner of this month’s Sweetstakes, but we are not doing ANY production until the storm passes!

Thank you all for your concern, now stay safe!

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It’s taken a very large amount of work, but we’re coming back, and we’re bringing some NEW candies with us!

Just watch the countdown timer, and soon as it runs out, we’ll be back in the Candy Kitchen, making all your favorites!

Of course, we had to make a few minor changes, some good, some not so good, but all necessary.

The biggest (and best) change is the new ordering system! No more waiting for us to hand calculate your order and email you with a total. This also means we’ve had to standardize our shipping prices. While keeping them as low as possible, shipping will now be based on items ordered, not the actual weight, which as you know varies from batch to batch.

Due to availability issues, some flavors had to be retired. When they become available again, we’ll bring them back out of retirement.

We also had to retire the Half-Pack Mallows. While they were popular, they also were the most expensive item for us to produce.

To the good though, be sure to check out our new Kandy Korn, Butter Creams, and the massive Rumble Krumble! We weren’t just resting during the downtime, that’s for certain!

If you ever need to reach us, just drop us a message through (or use our handy little Contact form) and we’ll get back to you right away!

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Update! Very Important!

In light of the current pandemic, Winthrop’s Whimsies has decided to put a hold on production at this time.

We have stopped local deliveries to limit exposure both to our customers and ourselves. Likewise, we are stopping shipping to help ease a small part of the workload on the shipping services to prioritize essential shipments such as medicines, personal protective equipment, and other supplies.

This is not an easy decision to make, but we feel that it is the right decision. By practicing social distancing, and helping prioritize essential needs over ourselves is for the best for everyone.

Soon as we can, we will be reopening, with an expanded line of the fabulous candies you love so much. But as the saying goes, “needs must as the devil drives.” The moment we get the all-clear, we’ll be here, and we hope you will be too.

Unlike every other business out there, we aren’t going to beat you over the head with the reminders of washing your hands and staying home. All we ask is that you take care of yourself, think before you act, be kind, and always #GiveJoy.

Remember, we love you.
— Charles Winthrop and LaDonna Murphy

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Due to the current situation with the Covid19, orders will be slightly delayed for the next few weeks.

If you have an order placed, you WILL receive your order, just a few days later than projected. If you place an order now, it will be delayed by about a week. Additionally, all LOCAL deliveries are suspended for the duration, to limit exposure on behalf of our customers and ourselves.

The delays are being caused by shortages in supplies, extra time required by stepping up our sanitizing processes, and limits on shipping the orders out. So far, we have been fortunate and have not been exposed to the virus, and both are within our normal healthy conditions.

Above all else, PLEASE stay safe, practice good hygiene, social distancing, and #GiveJoy!

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Winthrop’s Whimsies and Preparations for the Corona Virus

Winthrop’s Whimsies is dedicated to providing delicious candies to the world. We make certain to clean and sanitize our Candy Kitchen, equipment, and storage areas exceeding state and federal Health Department standards.

That said, during this troubling time with the threat of the Corona Virus affecting everyone, we are redoubling our efforts to maintain a healthy, sterile production environment.

In the case of either of us (yes, there are only two people making the candies you love so much), getting the least bit sick, we will be stopping production immediately until such time as the danger has passed. If this happens, any customers affected by a delay in production will be offered a choice of a full refund, or a double size replacement order for no extra cost.

Additionally, if we stop production we will post a notice explaining this on our website and our social media accounts keeping everyone up-to-date on the situation.

We love our customers, and are doing this in the hopes of keeping them safe and healthy.

As always, #GiveJoy whenever you can!

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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


Dapper Chaps, Willards and Bens, Lovely Lips, Fat Little Piggies, Gemstones, Lollipops, Marshmallows, Caramels, etc…


All manner of whimsical candies in classic and vintage flavors (and bright colors) coming within the next few months!


Stay tuned!